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Players in the Field

Giving Every Athlete Resources

What We Do

G.E.A.R. is Dedicated to Ensuring Positive Growth in Today's Youth



We provide equipment and apparel to assist schools with reducing budget deficits.  With this assistance, we help avoid athletic program closures and reduce costly  fees to students and their families.



Our mentoring opportunities are provided by athletes and professionals who used sports as an avenue to create and open doors for their futures.



We offer camps and strength and conditioning programs for any experience level, as well as provide cost efficient meal plans that meet nutritional recommendations.

Our Latest Imapct

Detroit Pershing

G.E.A.R. would like to thank Blake Griffin for sponsoring Detroit Pershing high school. Blake’s donation provided new cross country, basketball, and track and field uniforms, as well as other much needed equipment.


It is thanks to G.E.A.R partners like Blake that students in financially struggling schools are able to participate in athletics and have useable equipment and uniforms.


What People Are Saying

"G.E.A.R. is worth supporting because it makes kids feel invested in. Sports have had an extreme impact on my life and I understand the importance of supporting athletics in our youth to influence their future.” 

—  Alan Branch 11 year NFL veteran; Two-Time Super Bowl Champion

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