Giving Every Athlete Resources is a Detroit-based non-profit which aids underprivileged students and athletic departments by providing equipment and apparel to help alleviate the “pay-to-play” fees that are hindering one in every four students from being able to participate in sports.


At G.E.A.R., we provide equipment and apparel for schools’ sports teams, in an attempt to lower the athletic department’s expenses. We first identify their needs, and then help to meet those needs by procuring resources on their behalf. By doing this, the school is able to appropriately fund their team sports without having to charge their students participation fees. As a result, we have found increased participation numbers in these schools, and have established a positive outlet for inner city youth.

We are here to help!


Our mission is to eliminate these fees for student athletes so that they can participate in sports without having the associated financial burden.

What We Do

G.E.A.R. is dedicated to providing our youth with different programs to ensure positive growth.

Why We Care

There is strong evidence that participation in organized sports helps kids mentally, physically and socially.

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G.E.A.R. is a Michigan non-profit corporation and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Under the direction of its Board of Directors, G.E.A.R. retains complete control over the use and distribution of donated funds in furtherance of its mission.

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